• I specialize in the challenges of life transition some of which can happen without warning.

    I specialize in the challenges of life transition some of which can happen without warning.

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why lifetime coaching?

"I strive to meet my clients where they are on their personal journey; listening to their desires and dreams, uncovering their passions, setting goals and objectives, creating a game plan for success and then moving on it. I use a wide variety of tools, resources, and experiences which I have collected over time to help my clients incorporate new skills for managing these transitions."

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Changes occur at every phase and age in life; sometimes we may choose those changes while at other times change may appear unexpectedly. Regardless, accompanied by change is also fears, concerns, and questions: How will I know if I will be happy when making this change? Is the change meaningful? How can I remain balanced while facing the uncertain? How will I know if my decisions were right? During this transition, how can I remain true to myself? Who am I anyhow? During my workshops, I will provide you with the tools, practices, and principles needed to help you answer these and other questions. Learn More

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My ultimate goal these days is to grow my coaching practice and to help as many people as possible lead more meaningful, harmonious and intentional lives.

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