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Changes occur at every phase and age in life; sometimes we may choose those changes while at other times change may appear unexpectedly. Regardless, accompanied by change is also fears, concerns, and questions: How will I know if I will be happy when making this change? Is the change meaningful? How can I remain balanced while facing the uncertain? How will I know if my decisions were right? During this transition, how can I remain true to myself? Who am I anyhow?

During this workshop, I will provide you with the tools, practices, and principles needed to help you answer these and other questions. This workshop is a chance for you to evaluate the chief areas of importance in your life and identify whether or not change is needed, create options, make clear what conflicts are involved, and begin to recognize your priorities as well as tasks. In this workshop, making smart choices as a result of clarifying your values is emphasized.

Many topics will be explored in the program such as value and gratification in work, self-esteem, intimate relationships, doubts and insecurities, money, and life balance. The workshop includes presentations, small group sessions, self-assessments, participatory exercises, and personal inquiry. Kristin will also direct mindful movement exercises and guided meditations. With the self-assessments, you will achieve clarity and a vision of where you are presently in your life.

Benefits of Workshops with Kristin:

In the workshop, we will focus on looking within rather than dwelling on external situations. The goal of the workshop is to offer necessary tools as well as mindfulness techniques to help you develop skill sets that will inspire you to steer through your changes and transitions with more proficiency. This ultimately improves life balance, sustainability, and well-being. All of those aspects are vital for successful leadership in both your personal and professional life. Anticipate a fulfilling weekend of self-inquiry, self-exploration, and ultimately, self-knowing.

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