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Young Adults

Working with a life coach can be an essential tool for a young adult who is in the transition from either high school to workforce or from college to career while also managing the stress of work/life/health balance. Finding your passion and creating a plan to either work it into your career or maintaining it as a hobby that you practice on a regular basis is key to living a more fulfilled life. A life coach is someone who listens while not judging you, helps you process through daily challenges, develop plans, and helps you discover who you truly are and who you want to become.

Coaching sessions are strictly about you, where your life is headed, where you want it to go etc. Topics you may talk about vary from romantic relationships to just friends, school, grades, graduation, family life, jobs/internships, future, promotions/raises, and anything else that is important to you. You direct the time we spend together; this is about you and what you want and need.

A life coach can benefit most people and you do not have to have a major problem to reap those benefits. Studies show that young adults who have a non-family member mentor to talk to, are happier, make well-reasoned decisions, and adjust better to the adult world.

The frequency and length of coaching depend on you. We may choose to meet weekly for the first couple of months, and then once a plan has been developed, we move to every other week. The length of the coaching relationship differs for each and every person, some clients meet with a coach for years others just a few months.

Benefits Of Young Adult Coaching Can Include…

We usually start with an initial meeting to identify the areas where you most want to focus on the first couple of weeks incorporating some assessment tests along the lines of personality, communication, and strengths. This helps you and your coach figure out who you are and what direction you might like to go. Then we make a plan together of the areas of life you want to focus on which may require occasional homework, nothing very demanding and lots of self-discovery!

Experience growth, change and learn new tools to manage life’s challenges.