• Teen Coaching

Teenage Coaching

There is no doubt that the teenage years can be super challenging. Struggles with school, friendships, social media, devices, anxiety, and fear, feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration are all just a part of the transition to adulthood.

This, of course, leaves parents feeling like they failed somewhere along the way. Parents are at a loss of what to do and how to help their teenager move forward and soon the teenagers begin pulling away, shutting them out and completely stops listening. Leaving both sides stuck. When the lines of communication are broken, it’s time for a coach! The good news is, that teenagers tend to respond well to the coaching relationship because it feels more like mentoring and involves exploration into their future, designing a path forward and moving them away from feelings of fear of the unknown to excitement about what’s to come. Using conversation to clarify what they want in life, tools that help them pinpoint their greatest assets, along with providing an environment that feels safe for them to share their most inner thoughts and feelings…. Kristin can help them develop a unique plan to change the way they respond to challenges, develop an outline for moving forward and providing them with a path to reaching their greatest potential. With a commitment to the coaching program comes immediate results for both the teen and the parents, including a strategy for school, balance at home, and an overall more peaceful lifecycle.

Benefits of Coaching With Kristin can include...

  • Increased confidence, self-awareness, & self-esteem
  • A stronger sense of self-worth
  • Improved ability to recognize right and wrong
  • Stronger decision-making skills
  • Ability to set and achieve goals
  • The desire to “dream big”
  • Ability to develop healthier friendships
  • Capacity to move away from unhealthy relationships
  • Power to recover from breakups.
  • Improved grades, work ethic, & family relationships
  • Advanced communication skills
  • College readiness

The potential of every teen is unlimited.

Help your teen discover their strengths and build self-esteem. To learn more: