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Sales Training & Coaching

Whether you’re a new seller trying to find your footing at a new organization or a senior seller looking to reboot your enthusiasm and ultimately kick your goals out of the ballpark this next year, hiring a coach to help you create a game plan for success is the best place to start.

In fact, there is plenty of research that concludes that anyone can become a better salesperson and that’s because we see selling as a discipline that draws on a combination of acumens into psychology, strategy, skills, and best practices that can be taught and learned through sales rep or sales team training that Kristin can provide.

Our personalized and interactive training experiences for entire sales teams and 1-day sales training workshops for both individuals and small groups can be just the thing your sales organization needs to move forward.

Whether you're seeking to improve sales performance at a tactical level or make changes on a more strategic level, we'll provide you with the experience and expertise to generate the results you desire.

In order to ensure optimum sales results; processes and skills must be consistently reinforced, coached and supported. To meet this need, Kristin can offer the services of a sales coach that will help you identify the areas for improvement on an individual seller basis or whole team approach, Typically, we begin by coming to an agreement on desired outcomes, and then customize a sales coaching program to improve sales effectiveness.

At Lifetime Coaching, we offer a full suite of sales coaching services at all levels of your organization including:

Sales Rep & Deal Coaching: Kristin will work directly with your sales reps, either individually or as a group. Options include sales skills assessments, prospecting strategy, role playing, accompany sellers on live deals and presentations, review recordings or observing live sales interactions, plus ‘secret shopper’ activities to identify where coaching opportunities exist, sales skill assessments, and more.

Sales Management Coaching: Kristin can also help create a “culture of coaching” by working at the sales management level of your organization. This focus will ensure your sales management team is ready to lead, and coach their sales teams to their highest performance.

Executive Coaching: Kristin can work with key executives within your organization to take sales performance to the next level. By engaging with Kristin, your executives have the opportunity to delve into deeper conversations about vision and strategy with a true partner who understands high performing & goal oriented sales practices. We’re ready to hear about your sales challenges and develop a sales coaching solution to ensure flawless execution of your strategy.

See how our training can benefit your organization.