• Parent Coaching

Parental Coaching

Who knew that parenting could bring so much joy and heartache? How could that beautiful baby boy or girl you used to bounce on your knee turn into the moody, irritable, ungrateful stranger that you don’t even recognize any longer?

Being a parent has always been challenging work, but when your children move into their teen and young adult years, you begin to wonder if it was all worth it. Exhausted and frustrated, parents tend to start lashing out or shutting down and this can lead to the exact opposite of what they are looking to happen. Teens can be demanding, defying, exasperating, adventurous, unreliable, irrational, wild, contemptible, distressing, tender, adoring, devoted, malicious, shameful, loving and hair-raising maniacs and sometimes all at once. Coaching can help families not only survive but thrive.

A parenting coach helps you become the parent you want to be. A coach helps you on life issues that are standing in your way of accomplishing that goal. Also, you will learn effective parenting tools that preserve your self-worth and dignity.

Benefits of parent coaching can include…

  • Develop clarity
  • Improve relationship and connection with your child
  • Create strategies, positive steps, and successful outcomes
  • Discover strengths and new skills
  • Design ways to enhance your environment
  • Identify and remove roadblocks that hold you back

The most important job in life is parenting

Don’t allow anything to damage it. Contact Kristin today to learn more about how parent coaching can benefit you and your child.