• College Students

College Students

Gaining admission into college is more competitive than ever before and Kristin’s coaching methods focus on helping students prepare for what’s to come. Emphasis is on preparation for the application process, guidance on where and how to apply, assistance with the application, and positioning them for a smooth transition is a priority. Kristin’s coaching methods will provide them with invaluable insight into various aspects of student life, outlining opportunities for engaging with like-minded individuals, clubs, and groups along with various aspects of student life which are important to them.

College life is full of excitement and challenges for the student and parents alike. All too often, families forget the social/emotional impact of this transition due to their focus on the application and admission process. Anxiety, self-esteem, stress, and overwhelm are all-natural results of a new environment, surrounded by the unknown, while being away from home, possibly for the first time. Kristin's coaching method offers help on a wide variety of topics including friendships, dating and intimate relationships, body image, drugs and alcohol, future direction, and much more.

Benefits of Coaching With Kristin Can Include...

Recognizing that college tuition is costly and transfer rates high, coaching can help families make better and more informed decisions from the start. Knowing how important it is for college-bound students to demonstrate an interest in community service, Kristin will guide them to discover their values and identify the type of non-profit organizations they might like to support. This builds leadership skills, community connection and grows their feelings of self-worth. Kristin can also help the student and parents to learn more about the entire college admissions process, identify housing opportunities, set study and grade expectations, create a budget and seek out opportunities for scholarships and more.

Survive and thrive the college experience!

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