• Adult In Transition

Adults in Transition

Life as an adult is full of stability and transition. Life transitions and their potential for learning and development in adulthood are unique to every individual.

Adults change as they age and how they experience and respond to transition can be unique to them. While some adults experience transitions in an orderly progression, other may change when they feel motivated by an unexpected event or by others. In addition, the experience of aging is unique to each and every person. Most adults have an age learning curve that peaks at 22 and declines at the rate of about one percent a year up to age 50. This means we are always in transition whether we recognize it or not.

Life events, or episodes, are considered to be points in the cycle of life that give the many aspects of a person’s life "shape and direction”. Triggering events often motivate an adult to become involved in new life roles, or create changes in current life roles. These events can encourage adults to look for new learning experiences.

Often times, major cultural events cause new episodes of transition. In fact, life events during adulthood fall into two distinct groups: individual and cultural. A person’s personal life is defined by individual events while cultural events are both historical and societal in that they shape a person's context, i.e., political changes, catastrophes, and war.

Benefits Of Transition Coaching Can Include…

Adult transition involves change, paradigms, decision making, and problem-solving and it is a pro-active attitude where highly effective people find their strength. It’s my role to supply support through encouragement, compassion, and feedback. Due to the many transitions we encounter in life, most of us haven’t prepared ourselves in advance to manage them. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed when these transitions occur. Contact Kristin today to find strength for life’s transitions and live life to its fullest.

Find strength for life’s transitions and live life to its fullest